Reports and Potency Notes Part I

Reports and Potency Notes Part I

Feedback from Turtle Balm® customers has been significant for all CBD potency levels– 300mg CBD, 750mg CBD, 1700mg CBD, and 4000mg CBD. These cannabinoid potencies were created for individuals (and animals) with specific levels of inflammation and irritation causing pain, discomfort such as swelling and itching.

Depending on the type of issue there may or may not be visible skin discoloration, i.e., bruising from capillary or vein discoloration and/or blistering. Clients are asked to rate their pain levels on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being the mildest annoying sensation and 10 so extremely painful it prevents movement or prohibits sleep. This description and the clients’ input on how they need to function during the day gives enough information to provide the Turtle Balm™ potency they need for the relief they seek.

Review a summary of customer reports below to see how the Turtle is doing the job:

Turtle Balm® 300mg CBD (2 oz. jar) is used for a wide range of everyday scrapes, burns, bruises, blisters, and contact dermatitis swelling due to plant allergies, hives, etc.

Turtle Balm® Sportstick 750mg CBD (0.5 oz. applicator container) is created
for on-the-go individuals. In the toolbox, gym bag, purse, as well as the medicine
cabinet, Turtle Balm™ is intended for quick pain relief from accidents that happen
during daily activities on the job, at the gym and at home. It has also been used for headache relief by application on the back of the neck and lightly on the temples.

Turtle Balm® 1700mg CBD (2 oz. jar) is my personal Turtle Balm™ formulation
for sciatic pain. Those who have this type of pain resulting from inflammation around the sciatic nerve know pain that literally stops you in your tracks. Spread and massage liberally at the source of the pain and the spine and work your way to the end of the pain sensation as necessary. Client reports relief can be as quick as several minutes or it may take 20 minutes in some cases depending on the starting level of the pain. Relief lasts 8+ hours and increasing relief begins to extend for longer periods very quickly. Some of our clients suffering from diabetic neuropathy or chronic arthritis use Turtle Balm™ daily.

Turtle Balm® 4000mg CBD (2 oz. jar) is used for sciatic pain as well as pain
pre- or post-spine surgery. This Turtle Balm™ potency is used by amputees who
have prothesis irritation and individuals suffering from Lupus, fibromyalgia, severe
migraines, chronic arthritis, neck, and spine pain.

All the Turtle Balm® potencies are made with the same organic-base ingredients listed on the labels with the differences being the level of CBD potency addressed above. The selection of the organic oil blend is a combination of oils that have been used universally for hundreds of years in the treatment of pain, inflammation, wounds, and severe bruising.

Product stretcher: As healing occurs, the need for the super strengths diminishes – this is a good thing! However, if you have a chronic issue, or you feel the need to keep an application ongoing to move about more freely, pain-free with confidence during the day, try keeping a 1 or 2 oz bottle of oil available, i.e., almond, MCT, avocado, etc. and sprinkle a few drops on the skin before you spread the Turtle Balm™, or just mix a few drops of the oil in your hands as you apply. This therapeutic decision also empowers the user to realize that adjusting the remedy to suit your day, schedule, attitude, etc. is a sign of wellness, too.

Stay tuned for The Turtle’s Journey Part II – Empowerment for Healing.

Live Well and Turtle On!

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