Why Do Small Size Dogs Suffer More Periodontal Problems

Why Do Small Size Dogs Suffer More Periodontal Problems

Small dogs can have more dental problems and can be more suspectibel to periodontal disease. Studies show that small dogs are open mouth breathers with an oral cavity that does not support healthy bacteria accumulaton. Gums get inflammed easier and quicker in small mouth dogs.

Brushing your dog's teeth is one of the most effective ways to remove plaque buildup. You can dry brush or purchase some of the flavored toothpastes specially made for dogs—do not use human toothpaste as it is not meant to be swallowed and will upset her stomach. There are dog toothbrushes that fit on the tip of your finger, or you can use a gauze square.

Also helpful to alleviate food wedging between small dog teeth are small treats that break down easily in a mini dog's small mouth. Manokin Medicinal is soon to offer their Mini Soothies that help relieve anxiety related issues. The Manokin Medicinal Mini Soothies are also designed for small dog mouths.

To find out more information on when our Mini Soothies will be available for purchase please contact us.

For a comprehensive research article on dogs and periodontal disease refer to this abstract from the National Library of Medicine.

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