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Turtle Balm® 6000mg Tsunami 2.65oz.

Turtle Balm® 6000mg Tsunami 2.65oz.

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6000mg CBD: CBGa for pain relief from inflammation resulting from diabetic neuropathy, leg cramps, bone fractures, trauma-induced muscle, and nerve pain, and blistering from prosthetics. A larger size stick makes for smooth gliding application over tender areas.

Read more about formulation, efficacy and usage as well as what our users tell us about this product here.

25% discount to Veterans and Police & Emergency Service Personnel. If eligible, please email us to obtain a discount code.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lotte Bowie
A Tsunami of Relief

Due to a past severe broken leg the rod in my leg combined with rigorous sports training can cause widespread pain up and down my lower leg. This large glide stick is easy to apply to the leg and joints and brings needed relief during training intervals. Thank you!

Thank you!

Karen Colliflower

The Tsunami 6000mg turtle balm is nothing short of amazing! I used it 2-3 times a day for just a week for severe low back pain and sciatica. I could hardly walk and standing up was excruciating. This balm was a blessing! It relieved my pain and stiffness like no oral medication could. The stick applicator made it very easy to apply. I highly recommend!

I am happy Tsunami Turtle reduced the inflammation in your lower spine area and around the sciatic nerve. The 6000mg was created for severe pain, irritation from swelling and inflammation resulting from amputees' protheses by using a 1:1 CBD to CBGA formulation. Tsunami should give long lasting relief as well as activating your ECS to promote healing. Thank you for your review! KK

Turtle Balm Full Spectrum Whole Hemp Plant Extract Formula

Relief from pain, swelling and discoloration related to inflammation

How does Turtle Balm reduce inflammation?

Inflammation causes pain, discomfort.  In severe cases, pain from inflammation may prevent us from walking, difficulty in standing and functioning in a normal, healthy way.  Turtle Balm reduces inflammation and provides a soothing antiseptic, antifungal coating to prevent infection while healing. However, in cases of infection or persistent rashes, consult a physician immediately.

Healing and Improvement Areas

The following list come from others who have used this product as a staple in their medicine cabinets or toolboxes.


Age spots


Bed sores






Canker sores

Chapped skin

Chill banes


Diaper rash



Fever blisters

Fungal infections



Inflamed joints

Insect bites/stings, includes
ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps and bees


Lupus-related pain and

Poison Ivy and Oak swelling
and rash

Pain related to diabetic

Pain related to irritation,
inflammation from prosthetic limb

Radiation-related burns from


Rough hands and feet

Sciatic pain

Spider veins


Sunburn – post exposure

Why we developed this Formula

The original Turtle Balms 1700mg and 4000mg were formulated for friends and relatives suffering from severe diabetic neuropathy, sciatic nerve pain, and lupus-related pain. A post-radiation CBD enriched formulation was used on a family member post-cancer radiation treatment over a 9-week period.